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Puppy Development Program

Here at Paradise Pets we place HUGE emphasis on positive puppy development. Our Puppy Development Program gives local pups the opportunity to gain positive life experiences and interactions, and build confidence under the supervision of our trained staff. Puppies need lots of socialization & exposure to new environments & situations and we love to help with that.

Our Development program has 2 components:

- Puppy Social (free)

- Puppy Groom Training (optional add-on)


Puppy social runs once a week for 2 hours (please confirm day and time with our friendly staff). Puppies who have also enrolled in groom training stay an extra 1.5 hours after puppy social to have their bath and handling practice. We encourage puppies to join as soon as they are fully vaccinated as the younger they are, the more open & accepting they are of new experiences.

Puppies must be under 6 months old, fully vaccinated, de-flead, and de-wormed to be eligible for our Puppy Development Program.

See more detailed information and some videos below.

If you'd like your puppy to join the fun, please click the link below to register. 

We look forward to meeting your new family member!

Puppy Social is completely free and its our way of giving back to the community. Puppy Social goers are dropped off by their PAWrents once a week for 2 hours of fun times. They get to build confidence, experience new things, and make furry friends - all while burning some of that crazy puppy energy in a positive & supportive environment! We also work on basic manners like not jumping up or mouthing and practice getting them to come to their name when called. It's a fun and educational experience all round!


Puppies are grouped into by play style and confidence levels, to ensure all pups are happy & comfortable in their heavily supervised friend groups. Puppy Social is a great way for pups to practice socialising appropriately with other pups their age as well as gentle adult dogs we find suitable. We endeavor to maintain a safe & fun environment for social exploration, and minimise opportunity for injury by tailoring our facility to avoid any big jumps of furniture or play equipment that may impact fragile puppy joints. Our Puppy Social graduates develop into confident dogs with strong socialization skills.

Puppy Social

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Puppy Groom Training is an optional add-on to Puppy Social (it can also be booked separately). It is essential handling / bathing and grooming practice that is designed to help puppies learn to feel calm and confident in a salon environment.  We aim to develop a positive foundation for all types of handling which is important for raising well rounded doggy-citizens - whether they require ongoing grooming or not, it is essential for all puppies to learn to not be frightened of being handled by strangers like groomers and vets.


By signing up to our Puppy Grooming Training sessions your pup will spend time in the salon with our award winning & experienced groomers. This is the perfect opportunity to practice not only salon manners and vet handling, but also the handling of sensitive areas (paws, ears / tail etc.) by people other than Mum & Dad in a fun and supportive learning environment.

Puppy Groom Training

The Groom Training sessions take around 1.5 hours and we practice the same things every week while also tailoring the program to each individual puppies needs - every puppy is different with what they need to work on most. Puppies are sent home smelling delicious after their bath and blow-dry with a report card detailing their progress with all aspects of the training. 


The cost of these training sessions is heavily discounted. It is important to us to make it affordable so that we can help as many puppies as possible to become confident in all these important life skills.


4 sessions costs $120 for small and medium breeds and $140 for large and giant breeds.


Most puppies need only one round of 4 sessions whereas others do 2 rounds - it really depends on how fast they build their confidence in the different aspects we work on. Puppies get a report card after each visit that outlines their progress.

Each Puppy Groom-Training session includes the following:
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Bath & Blowdry

We bath and blow dry the puppies every week, getting them used to being bathed and learning that the dryers aren't scary. For the noisy high velocity dryer they wear earmuffs and in the cabinet dryer we let them have peanut butter and treats to bribe them into liking the experience.

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Nail Trimming

We trim the nails every week and if there is nothing to trim off we practice the motion anyways and pretend like we are trimming the nails so that the puppies get completely used to it and aren't scared of having their nails trimmed. We heavily bribe them with cuddles and treats for this.

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Clipper and Scissor practice

Learning to tolerate clippers and scissors on their body is not only essential for future grooms but also handy for vet visits. We don't actually cut or clip the hair - we just pretend that we are doing it, for practicing purposes.

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Brushing & Table Manners

We brush the puppies, helping them learn to accept being brushed all over their bodies while also getting them used to being on a grooming table. It's important for puppies to learn to behave on a table (not try to jump off) - not just for the groomers but also for future vet visits.   

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Handling practice

We teach the puppies to accept being handled (touched) all over their bodies (ears, face/mouth, tail, feet, etc) This is very important as all dogs need to learn to be comfortable with being handled to make future vet visits less stressful as well as prevent them getting frights when children accidentally touch them in sensitive areas they are not used to.

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Tooth Brushing

We brush their teeth every week with yummy dog toothpaste so that the puppies get used to it and aren't scared of having their teeth brushed and their mouths handled. 

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