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Grooming Salon

Our salon is a fun and caring environment where we encourage the dogs to enjoy themselves and to relax. Grooming does not have to be stressful and we do everything we can to make all dogs feel as comfortable as possible. We are a slow paced salon environment where dogs stay with us for longer than the usual timeframes that groomers ask for. (see more here about our grooming times)

Our entire salon schedule has been structured around being able to take our time with our 4-legged customers, giving them as many breaks as they want and need in order to help them build a positive relationship with grooming. We use low stress handling techniques and positive reinforcement and we always prioritise the happiness, comfort and best interest of the dogs in our care.


We offer a variety of luxury spa services that are designed to be the ultimate pamper sessions for your dog. From baths to full haircuts to de-shedding treatments to club memberships for unlimited baths - we offer the full range and then more.

Our qualified grooming team are passionate about helping owners find the perfect style that suits their pets needs and their lifestyle. Call us for free advice on your pets grooming needs.

Our pricing goes by size of the dog which we determine by measuring them. To discuss your dogs needs and to get a quote, we recommend booking a free grooming consultation. 

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Add-on Services


Tooth Brushing

preventative oral health care. Gentle brushing of teeth with a dog toothbrush & tasty dog toothpaste. Includes dental report card.


Deep Conditioning

amazing deep conditioning treatment. Special Coat-specific conditioner is massaged & brushed into the coat after shampooing. It helps to hydrate the skin and coat, aids in de-shedding by releasing dead hair and also makes the coat stay tangle free for longer and easier to brush


Paw Balm

A healing and moisturising ointment for paws that is gently massaged into paws after the bath. Beneficial for all paws and especially amazing for paws that are dry, rough or damaged.

All 3 for $20

Spa Combo


Medicated Shampoo

10 minute soak in vet-grade medicated shampoo that helps to kill fungus and bacteria. Bring your own medicated shampoo and we will do the soak for free. Ask your vet for advice on whether this can benefit your dog.


Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Available for people who prefer hypoallergenic options for their pets.This is usually not necessary for sensitive pets as our standard shampoo is top quality and we have so far never had it trigger any sensitivities. 


Flea Bath

Mandatory if we find a live flea or tick on your dog but should not be necessary if your dog is on an effective flea prevention schedule. We recommend seeking vet advice for ongoing flea prevention.


Anal Gland Emptying

We only perform this if it has been recommended for that particular pet by a vet. It is included at no extra cost in any main service.


Nail Filing

filing of sharp nail edges after a nail trim. This is an optional add-on to our nail trim service.

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Join the Fresh club and you'll never have to bath or brush your own dog again! It's a club membership for unlimited baths for your dog. You pay a set weekly or monthly membership fee (like a gym membership) and your pooch can have as many of our signature baths and nail trims as you like! We set regular weekly appointments, however you are welcome to book more or less, as needed. It is convenient, affordable, hassle free, and you can add discounted services whenever suits!

* paid via weekly direct debit

* minimum signup of 3 months

* 15% off any main grooming services

* 10% off retail

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