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All our daycare attendants are certified and trained in managing and caring for groups of Daycare dogs via the acclaimed Packpro training program. This means they are all thoroughly trained on the highest standards of safety and care in the dog daycare industry and it empowers and supports our team in creating playgroups that are safe, and fun to manage!

Frequently asked questions about Daycare

What does the Daycare Trial involve?

The Daycare Trial is designed so we can provide the safest day care experience possible. Among other things, we test for accepting being handled all over the body, response to food / treats / toys being given and then being taken away, responses to meeting various types of dog personalities one at a time, response to being among a group of dogs, response to being crated etc etc.

We also assess whether your dog actually suits a daycare environment - not all dogs enjoy daycare - just like some humans don't enjoy socialising and chatting at cocktail parties. We want you and your dog to feel comfortable when using our services, so we offer your dog’s trial day free so you and your dog can try us out with no cost or obligation.

It is important to us that your dog has a positive introduction to day care so if your dog is overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy the staff will be able to give you advice on if they can overcome this. Sometimes it's just not a good fit or sometimes a gradual introduction to the facility may be suggested, this may not be that convenient for you at first, however sets your dog up to succeed within the environment. We ask for pet parents to be available for pickups any time during the first day in case your pet doesn’t feel like staying for a full day. Again - it is very important that the experience is positive so some dogs need time adjusting to new environments and are better off taking it slow and starting off with just a few hours and working their way upwards from there.


My dog hasn't been to dog day care before - I'm nervous but want to give it a go?

It’s fine to feel nervous when trusting your furbaby into the care of others. Our qualified team will look after your dog and let you know how they settle in. We will also send you updates and take photos and videos of their experience with us.


What if my dog doesn’t pass the Daycare Trial?

If your dog is quieter by nature or not so socially inclined and didn’t enjoy the group environment or if your dog doesn’t pass the pre-play assessment, it doesn’t mean your dog is bad. This unique group environment may just be too overwhelming or over-stimulating for them. Some dogs are not suited to this special kind of environment and other dogs just need a little extra training and socialisation before joining off leash play groups. If your dog is older (we love our seniors) we can taylor a daycare schedule that suits activity levels and interests. Puppies are our specialty! We ensure adequate break times, help enforce basic obedience manners plus we know how to beware and take special care for developing puppy joints.


What kinds of activities will my dog do?

That really depends on what your dog likes! We taylor activities to what individual dogs actually enjoy and will rotate those activities into your dog’s daily stay. We have an amazing indoor / outdoor playground complete with a massive indoor purpose built tree house with ramps and even a slide. There’s a dog tunnel, a giant fort that, pools, balls, ropes and much much more. Activities include frisbee throwing lessons, fetch, art projects, massage time, tug time, stuffed KONG chewing time, puzzle time, lounge time, splash time in the pool in summer, soccer, bubbles, obstacle fun and more. We like to mix it up so we are not doing the same things every day!


Will my dog have to stay in a crate or dog run?

If we think your dog could benefit from taking a break from play (some dogs don't know when to stop which is not good for them), they will be provided with a quiet place to rest. Normally this will be a comfortable crate or cubby with bedding, water, and a stuffed KONG treat or puzzle toy for your dog. This down time is vital to healthy dogs and an important part of doggy daycare.

Are large dogs separated from small dogs?

At paradise Pets, dogs are grouped by temperament and play style, not by size. It is important for small dogs to also interact with big dogs and vice versa. However, at Paradise Pets mixing is done very carefully by our qualified team who know dog body language and the groups are ALWAYS supervised 100% of the time. We would absolutely not mix a large high energy dog with a small low energy dog. It's important to us that all the dogs are comfortable with their companions.

Will my dog learn to bark more?

There’s three main reasons dogs bark - over excited, bored or under stress – for the comfort of all our dogs, our team and our neighbours, we don’t allow excessive barking. A little barking while playing is accepted and a bit of excited barking on drop off (dogs just love coming to day care) and when seeing their owners on pick up (dogs just love their owners) but that’s it. Our team will work with the parents of any excessive barkers.


Are the dogs constantly supervised?

Yes – dogs are supervised AT ALL TIMES by our trained team.


Will my dog get on with the other dogs?

All dogs must pass the trial before being accepted into Paradise Pets Doggy Daycare. Our qualified team are constantly reading the dogs body language and moving the groups around so that all dogs are comfortable and having fun. 

Is there an area designated for dogs to lie down?

We have beds and bedding in all our play areas so dogs can take breaks and lay down on a comfortable surface whenever they want to. 

What is the policy on food and snacks?

We offer the dogs treats during the day if they are allowed, so please let us know if your dog has any special requirements - we are happy to accommodate. Dogs are usually fed at home before and after day care, however if you have a young puppy or older dog that requires an extra meal in the day, you can drop the food off with your pup - we feed all dogs separately. Dogs should rest for 15 minutes after being fed to prevent bloat, and stomach issues, so we ensure this is done at day care too. If you are bringing your dog’s lunch or snacks with them please clearly mark with their name (just like children’s lunches).

Toileting - where do they toilet?

We have astroturf (artificial grass) outdoor areas for the dogs to toilet – most dogs use these areas as the other dogs have also gone there, if there are any accidents inside then our team clean them up straight away ensuring they dry the area so it's not a slip hazard.

Will my dog make friends?

Most dogs make friends easily, they are grouped with other dogs who have the same interests and temperament so they all get on.

Will my dog get fleas at day care?

It is part of our terms and conditions that all dogs must be on a flea treatment programme to prevent them being able to harbour fleas. Fleas don’t jump from dog to dog. Once on a dog they will stay put. They start breeding and will lay eggs which roll off the dog into the environment where the eggs then develop into larvae, then pupae, then baby fleas at which point they jump on an unsuspecting victim walking past. Here at Paradise Pets we have a strict day care cleaning schedule which includes washing all bedding and doing a thorough clean of the facility daily just in case a flea egg accidentally made it in.

Is fresh drinking water available?

Absolutely!! Fresh water is available at all times, however your dog may still be thirsty after day care due to the increased level of activity. 

Are vaccination records required before enrolment?

Yes – for the health and safety of all our team and dogs we require all pets attending paradise Pets Daycare to be fully vaccinated and be able to provide proof. We have a vaccination management system so you can be assured of the ongoing safety of your dog.

How are dogs disciplined for bad behaviour?

Dogs come to day care to have fun, but in order to maintain a safe environment they also need to play by the rules we set for them. We believe that it is important for dogs to have structure in their play time. Through the use of basic command practice and positive reinforcement methods, the dogs learn that good behaviour brings rewards (play, treats, verbal and physical praise). We have found that by using positive reinforcement methods, the dogs actually want to learn and are eager to please. While appropriate behaviours are reinforced, inappropriate behaviours are disciplined, through the use of time outs or loss of play.

Our team are constantly reading the dog’s behaviour and are trained to catch problems before they arise as we want to ensure all dogs have a fun and safe experience while at doggy day care. If a dog is acting up we look into why – there are many different reasons so we tailor our response to the problem. i.e. if a dog is tired and grumpy we will let them chill out in time out for a while. Just like with children, when a dog gets too excited or tired they can play up. To ensure the safety of all dogs and our team - unacceptable behaviour can lead to suspension or being expelled from the play groups.

Please keep in mind not all dogs are candidates for dog day care. Some dogs do not do well in this environment. Please do not take this personally as this by no means states that you have a “bad dog”. Just like people - some dogs enjoy socialising more than others and some dogs don’t do well in stimulating environments. Our primary concern is for the wellbeing of all our guests by providing a fun, safe environment.

Do I bring toys?

We have loads of dog toys in every shape and size. All toys in the dog play area must remain neutral to avoid possessiveness. We also don’t allow external toys into day care for hygiene reasons.

Do I get a discount for coming often?

Yes, we have discounted rates depending on how often your dog comes – see our daycare pricing for more info.

What happens if there is an emergency with the dogs? We have procedures in place in case of emergency.

What if my dog is injured or gets sick?

Remember that even normal dog play may result in some type of injury. It is not a common occurrence but it can happen. Just like a child can fall or trip at school. All injuries and illnesses are prevented to the BEST of our ability. If this occurs, you will be notified when you pick up your dog if it is minor, you will be notified immediately if the problem is severe. If there is an emergency and vet care is needed, we will transport your dog to our local vet – all medical costs are the owner’s responsibility.


Please click this link to see our polcies: Paradise Pets Policies

Benefits of Daycare

Dogs are highly social and intelligent animals that need both physical and mental stimulation in order to thrive. Daycare is a great way to help socialise a puppy and we have a special Puppy Development Programme to get your puppy off on the right paw.

Young active dogs can benefit as they require a lot of stimulation and dog play and Paradise Pets daycare provides the perfect solution to this problem. Under-stimulated dogs can be hard to train due to their desire to engage with everything and everyone around them. Paradise Pets Daycare can give them the stimulation they crave so you can work on your training without frustration. Overweight dogs can benefit from the increased exercise that group dog play offers.

Paradise Pets is a respected, professional business with qualified staff who are dedicated to ensuring every dog is loved, safe and happy. Find below a fantastic article on benefits of dog daycare 

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