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Useful Grooming information

Please allow the following time frames for your dogs appointments:

Full Groom - 3 hours (large dogs can be up to 4 hours) 

Hygiene Groom - 2 hours (large dogs can be up to 3 hours) 

Deshedding Delight - 2-3 hours depending on how hairy your dog is

Bath & Brush / Fresh Bath - 1-2 hours


We are often asked why we ask for such long groom times as most other groomers ask for much shorter amounts of time for their grooms. We are different and proud of it because we place HUGE emphasis on making the grooming process as enjoyable and as LEAST STRESSFUL as possible for your dog. This means we need extra time to be able to give the dogs many small breaks whenever they need them and not rush them through the process. We have organised our entire salon booking schedule so that every dog who comes for their appointment can have mini breaks between the different stages of the grooming process during which they can wander around the salon sniffing things, eating treats, making friends or having a snooze and even the less social dogs enjoy just having a much needed chill-out time in a private cubby or even just a nice cuddle where they are not being poked and prodded and made to stand in funky positions. We have found this slower paced system with breaks for the dogs to be extremely helpful in lowering their stress levels. Completing grooms in a shorter timeframe means we have to push the dogs from start to finish without a breather as we need to be working on them every second they are in the salon to be able to get them done in time. There is a lot of work that goes into a groom and doing all of it back to back can seem like running a marathon to your dog. Having longer groom times also gives us time to make use of our wonderful cabinet dryer which is much slower at drying the dogs but much nicer than entirely being fully rush-dried with a high velocity dryer. Of course we still need to use the High velocity dryer to blow out dead coat and dead skin and also separate out curls on fluffy pooches but that's only for a short stint and then the dogs get to relax in the cabinet dryer which most of them absolutely LOVE. 

Since changing to this slower paced grooming system with scheduled breaks for the dogs we have seen HUGE improvements in all the dogs confidence when coming for their grooms. Going faster and rushing the process ("getting it over and done with") is not the way to make a nervous dog more comfortable. In our experience it's actually the opposite - they tend to get worse. If you are unable to give us the time we need with your dog then please let us know in advance so we can reschedule your appointment to a day where our schedule allows us to skip your dogs break times. It is possible to Pre-book an express groom (usually 1 hour faster than normal) but going forward we can only offer express grooms at the very start of our grooming days (8am) as otherwise it's too disruptive to all the other dogs grooming / break schedules in the day. For some dogs who for example don't like the high velocity dryer or who are old and absolutely cannot stand still for long times without breaks we may refuse being able to do an express groom as it would be unfair on them.
Everything we do at Paradise Pets revolves around making dogs happy and our longer groom times are one way we have found that works in making the grooming process as enjoyable as possible for them. 

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More about our wonderful cabinet dryer...

  • our cabinet dryer is a Kyklon, which means it is the best available in the world with guaranteed safety for the dogs. Kyklon dryers are the only cabinet dryers in the world with the Comfort Dry system and are developed exclusively for drying animals. 

  • cabinet drying makes the grooming process take longer but is the nicest drying experience for dogs. Most dogs dislike the high velocity dryer as it is loud and scary and even with doggie ear muffs it can be a stressful experience, especially if it has to be used for a long period of time. For the dogs that don't mind the high velocity dryer we only have to do a short stint to help push out dead hair and skin and then the rest of the drying can happen in the relaxing cabinet dryer. For dogs who dislike the high velocity dryer we can skip that step completely and they can just entirely dry in the peaceful cabinet dryer. 

  • the cabinet dryer is big and roomy and most dogs use their time in there to have a nap. They absolutely love it and we have many dogs who come to us that try to hop into the dryer before they have even been in the bath - a clever attempt to evade the dreaded bath ;)


Matting - how to get rid of it and how to avoid it


Not only are matts dirty and messy, they can also trap moisture and dirt near the pets skin allowing fungus and or bacteria to grow, causing skin irritations. Matts can also be very painful (imagine wearing a too tight ponytail all day). Matts left in a pets coat only grow tighter and can strangle the pets skin or eventually tear it open. Tight matting causes the skin to pull and may lead to your pooch licking itself to relieve the pain, making the matting worse and causing more issues.

Mats begin at the base of your dog’s coat, not at the top so the coat may feel tangle free and generally it is not visible by just looking. The fur usually starts to matt near the skin if the hair isn’t separated regularly enough by brushing / combing all the way through. In dogs that shed - matting often forms if the dead hair isn’t removed from the coat by brushing / deshedding sufficiently. The best way to tell if your dog is matted or starting to get matted is to glide a comb from the skin to the outer coat. If it glides easily then there is no matting but if the comb gets stuck and you can’t get it through then you know that the coat is starting to form matts. Often you can’t see that matts are forming just by looking at the coat - using a comb to check is the only way to be sure.

Sometimes fleas or allergies can be the cause of matts. If your dog licks or scratches at an area the fur can tangle and become matted. If left unchecked, the matting usually worsens. 

If your dog is prone to getting wet (swimming / walking in wet grass) it will also be more likely to matt if the coat it is not brushed through every time after getting wet.

You should NEVER try to cut mats out. They are often tighter than you realise and can potentially have skin caught up in them. You can easily cut the skin, causing more damage. The safest way to deal with tight matting is to shave it off and give the coat a fresh start but even this comes with risks and is tricky to perform safely if the coat is tightly matted so it should always be performed by a groomer. Brushing out matting should never be done if it is painful or stressful for your dog. Also, matted hair is damaged and even if it is brushed out it is always more likely to tangle again - faster than healthy hair.

Non shedding dogs, like Poodles, Bichon Frise, Shih Tsu etc need help by regular brushing at least twice weekly with a good slicker brush to remove all the loose hair and a comb to check the brushing was successful along with regular visits to a groomer. If you are unsure of the appropriate brush, please ask us for advice. 

Most importantly, you should help your dog to enjoy the grooming process so they’ll stand long enough to be brushed thoroughly. Start brushing your pup when it’s young, even if brushing isn’t needed. Ensure that you provide lots of praise and treats so that the grooming process is associated with happy things.

Pay close attention to areas that matt easily, behind the ears, armpits / chest, legs and neck where the collar or harness rubs. To keep mats from forming, a detangler spray helps prevent fur from getting clumped up and can be used anytime you brush but especially after swimming or getting wet.

If there is severe matting, understand that your groomer may have no option but to shave the coat off completely. Dematting is very painful and if your dog isn’t used to the grooming process, it can also be very stressful which is why it is so important to prevent it in the first place.

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For dogs who normally get their coats clipped - here is some clarity on the difference between our Full Groom and our Hygiene Groom.
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Below is is an explanation of what is included when you chose to add the TRIM option to the Deshedding Delight service.
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Are you planning on booking the Full Groom?

Before starting your dogs appointment we will be asking you how short you'd like us to make your dogs coat. Here is a handy guideline to help you make that decision.
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