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Paradise Pets provides a platform for dogs to experience positive socialization in a managed and loving environment. Our doggy daycare is modeled after a revolutionary new American concept. Rather than putting dogs in large uncontrolled groups, we group dogs of similar temperament and play style into smaller groups which are rotated around a schedule of different daycare areas and fun activities. 

We pride ourselves in being very selective on which pets get to join our pack and we place great importance on ensuring the dogs in our care are happy and enjoy being with us. Contrary to common beliefs, daycare is not for every dog, just like cocktail parties aren't for every human. 

All our Daycare attendant staff undergo a training course and hold certificates in pack management through Packpro Training. Everyone is trained on how to safely, efficiently, and enjoyably manage a group of dogs.


Daycare Trials

All dogs who attend Paradise pets must complete a daycare trial to ensure they are a good fit for our pack and are suited to our daycare. To book a daycare trial please get in touch. You will need to fill in an application form and provide us with proof of vaccination in order to book. If your dog is over 7 months of age, it will need to be desexed in order to be able to attend our daycare. Apply for a Daycare Trial by clicking the link below.



We encourage all puppy owners to join our Puppy Development Program. We host a free puppy social for 2 hours every week where puppies are dropped off for 2 hours of fun time where they can learn to to socialise in a loving and supportive environment. All puppies are welcome as soon as they have received their final vaccination and are up to date on flea and working treatments. Puppies can attend for free until until 6 months old. Find out more below.


Casual Daycare

We accept dogs into daycare on a casual basis - No trial is necessary but dogs must still meet certain criteria and must be ok with being confined to a crate if they're not enjoying playgroup or if they don't fit into the pack. This option is popular for one-off visits or holidaymakers who need their dog cared for while they explore the town. Send us an email to and we'll be happy to help!

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